The piano – The courses of the Maîtrise populaire de l’Opéra Comique

10 October 2016

Piano classes are conducted by three teachers.

Clara Brenier teaches piano to sixth and fifth (middle school) pupils. For her, the issue is to teach several pupils by taking each one’s level into account. “I’m trying to have them at the piano together, and above all to make them busy doing something [without] their waiting to play when their turn comes. My goal is to make them discover the instrument in all its forms.”

Jean-Christophe Kotsiras teaches piano to fourth and third (middle school) pupils. “My work with pupils is mainly centered on developing […] a simple and direct relationship to the instrument.” What matters most is to demystify it by understanding its technical functioning, learning to decipher a score visually and approaching improvisation from the outset. Each musical exercise is followed by a time of reflection on what’s just happened so that the children develop active listening.

Benjamin Delpouve teaches piano to high school and university students. The purpose is to convey the necessary tools for effective and practical use of the piano. “The classes also aim to foster the blossoming of everyone’s artistic personality.” The session may then develop so that each pupil leaves the room having learned something.

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