Mise en abyme: the artists of Bohème, notre jeunesse are rehearsing

02 July 2018

Now that demons and ghosts have vanished and that the Nonne sanglante went back to the graveyard, the theater embalms with the spirit of the Belle Epoque and the melancholia peculiar to bohemian artists. The team of Bohème, notre jeunesse has settled for several weeks in the small theater to rehearse. Although the opera is about a sad romance without a happy ending, a cheerful atmosphere prevails and joy is on the faces of the soloists, some of whom already know each other.

For her operatic debut, director Pauline Bureau seems to have taken her marks, with the help of music director Marc-Olivier Dupin, a regular of our house whose joyous complicity is noticeable. Bohème, notre jeunesse promises to be an opera staging the desire to live, the importance of creation and love, and the necessity of art. In brief, artists playing artists in another age and at the Opéra Comique.

View pictures of the rehearsals below

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