Meeting Thomas Jolly on Saturday 18 February 2017

20 February 2017

Thomas Jolly is everywhere. The young director, indefatigable talker and drama proselyte was at the foyer Diaghilev at the Théâtre du Châtelet on Saturday 18 February, along with Sylvain Ledda, a Musset scholar, for a meeting led by Agnès Terrier. Praise came from the people assembled in front of them and also some rare reproaches. But passion was the key word of these nearly two hours of history, anecdotes and analyses immortalized by some clichés.

Thomas Jolly: “We’ll meet just now!”
Thomas Jolly: “The staging is already in the music… Unfortunately, this is no news for you, Jacques is dead…”
Sylvain Ledda: “The substitution of roles between Marinoni and the Prince of Mantua shows the emptiness of power.”
Thomas Jolly: “I think they are two clowns… these beings who say they are reasonable and who decide the fate of peoples…”
Thomas Jolly: “The characters needn’t wear sneakers in order for the echo of the work in the news to be understood.”

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