La mécanique des sentiments is back

28 August 2019

In the friendly atmosphere of the small Salle Bizet, the artists got a free hand to revisit the operatic repertoire and celebrate chanson. The vocalists of the Nouvelle Troupe Favart take a moment of freedom and complicity with the audience.

La Mécanique des sentiments pulls the strings of the art of emotions, exhibiting the construction of the sentimental space of opera. A narrator guides us through the landscape of passions and shows us, with the help of two musicians and two vocalists, how the various feelings shape body and space and how they become music.

We draw from a large repertoire from Offenbach to Debussy, from Schubert to Poulenc, via Rameau and Chausson.

Staging Jos Houben and Emily Wilson
Scenery and costumes Oria Puppo
Lights Oria Puppoand Cédric Enjoubault
Mezzo Majdouline Zerari
Baritone Ronan Debois
Actor Guy-Loup Boisneau
Cello Julien Decoin
Piano Martin Surot

Evenings in partnership with Champagne Delamotte



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