Berthier is getting a new look

Les Ateliers Berthier de l'Opéra Comique

After the Salle Favart, it is Berthier’s turn to get a new look. Each summer for several years, and then during 18 months, the Opéra Comique changed gradually to become the theater we know today: better ventilated, more beautiful, affording all attendees easier access to the whole house. Now its rear base, the Berthier workshops – a storing place, a laboratory and one of its rehearsal places – are about to be renovated. Works will last from 2018 until 2021. In September 2018 the teams will be gathered there to rehearse Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas scheduled by the end of the year at Salle Favart.

1000 square meters of convertible space for a volume of 8000 cubic meters flooded by daylight. A level of wooden floor dedicated to scenic activities and a ground floor for the dressing rooms, workshops and storage. Work will aim to develop the site as a first step and then to restructure it. A technical grid of 12 x 12 m on 9 m high will be installed to accommodate the scenography of rehearsing troupes and some performances. Berthier will welcome the public and is meant to be a place dedicated to mediation, a meeting point for neighboring schools and associations, a place of sharing with and for the artists.



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